CalPERS Looks at Causes of Increasing Health Care Costs

New data released by a CalPERS committee in December 2010 show that 73.6% of members insured by Kaiser Permanente are overweight or obese and that 38% of Kaiser members had borderline or high cholesterol in early 2010. CalPERS is seeking to identify potential health risks and establish programs to prevent chronic conditions.

Robert Forster
Must be in the CalPERS water! Seriously, it is our culture (behavior) that makes our health population sick, not the delivery system that we are pooring zillions into making us "well" but can't. Add genetics and gestational endowements (early births/multiple) and the delivery system of today and of PPACA (OBAMACARE) contributes little to zero to overall health of Americans. We are trying to fix a non root cause designed for those already sick. Rob MD

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