California Nurses Association Plans Strike at Several Hospitals

About 4,000 registered nurses who are represented by the California Nurses Association are planning a one-day strike on Dec. 22 at eight Sutter Health hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Details of the Strike

CNA and the hospitals have been in labor negotiations for most of the year.

According to Charles Idelson, a spokesperson for CNA, the nurses will strike over several issues, including terms of their health care coverage and sick leave, as well as over patient care concerns.

Sutter's Response

Sutter officials said that most CNA nurses have an option to choose a 100% employer-paid health benefits package and 40 paid days off annually.

Bill Gleeson, a spokesperson for Sutter, criticized CNA's decision to strike during the holiday season (Marshall, AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 12/10).

Sutter said the affected hospitals are working with agencies to hire replacement nurses (Weiser, Sacramento Bee, 12/11).

CNA Plans Additional Strike

Meanwhile, CNA also is planning a strike on Dec. 22 involving about 2,000 nurses at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and its adjoining Miller Children's Hospital (Robes Meeks, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 12/9). The facilities are not operated by Sutter (AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 12/10).

The union said the strike also was prompted by ongoing contract negotiations pertaining to nurses' medical coverage and patient care issues. Officials at the hospital said they are diligent in complying with staffing and patient care rules.

The hospital is planning to sign a five-day agreement for about 2,000 replacement nurses (Long Beach Press-Telegram, 12/9).

Robert Forster
Like teachers, nurses have become pawns to their thug leaders and have depreciated the mission of the profession of "healers." The CNA always throws in "patient issues" into the rhetoric to hide their real narcissistic priorities. It is always about money and the patients are leveraged. Agree with you James.
James Roache PharmD
Once again we have the nurses placing their own selfish needs above that of their patients whose care they have been entrusted. My goodness, 100% empployer paid health benefits and 40 paid days off and they chose to endanger lives with a holiday strike. Only three words can described my reaction, "Shame on You."

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