Opinion: More Medi-Cal Cuts Might Cause Doctor 'Exodus'

"Today only a small percentage of San Diego physicians accept Medi-Cal -- even before Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and the Legislature chose to balance the budget by implementing major new Medi-Cal reimbursement reductions," Robert Wailes -- president of the San Diego County Medical Society -- writes in a San Diego Union-Tribune opinion piece. Medi-Cal is California's Medicaid program. Wailes writes, "When payments for services rendered are further reduced to a preposterous level, the departure of the few providers willing to see Medi-Cal patients will accelerate." According to Wailes, data from the society "already indicate a near total exodus from Medi-Cal by individual doctors, particularly specialists." He concludes, "Cutting Medi-Cal's already abysmal rates will harm the health of Medi-Cal recipients and our state, will cost all of our citizenry more money and affect their health care -- making a mockery of the principal goal of health care reform, i.e., reducing the 'uninsured.'"

Barbara Hanson
Medi-Cal Planning Lawyers and family still think that "Medi-Cal Planning" is a good idea...Pity the recipient who thought feigning poverty was a good idea for free healthcare. Examples from googling Medi-Cal Planning today: Free guide shows you how to pay for skilled care without going broke. Helpful definition: Medi-Cal Planning involves the purchasing, transferring or liquidating of assets to enable you to qualify under Medi-Cal's test of income and resources. Through Medi-Cal Planning with xxx Services of California, a person will be able to maintain their accustomed quality of life while preserving their assets--NOT!
Tom Petersen
"And then there were none". This statement describes what is soon to be, the number of private practice physicians who accept Medi-Cal.

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