GOP Shows No Interest in Tax Proposal; Brown Seeks Cost-Cutting Tips


Republicans in the state Senate have indicated that they will not back Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) plan to let voters decide on proposed tax extensions, the Sacramento Bee reports.

GOP Priorities

Republican lawmakers have compiled a list of legislative priorities, which includes reductions to public-employee pensions and less stringent government regulation.

Senate GOP leader Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) said Democrats should focus on preparing a budget plan containing spending cuts and regulatory reforms to address California's budget deficit (Ferriss, Sacramento Bee, 2/17).

Jann Taber, a spokesperson for Dutton, said Brown and Democrats first must enact spending cuts before GOP members would be willing to consider the tax extension. Until then, "Senate Republicans are not going to entertain the tax measures," Taber said (Marois, Bloomberg, 2/16).

Reducing Inefficiency

Meanwhile, Brown has requested that the Bureau of State Audits and the Little Hoover Commission provide lists of actions the state can take to reduce waste and government inefficiency.

He asked that each list be submitted by March 4 and include five measures that can be implemented by executive order (Siders, "Capitol Alert," Sacramento Bee, 2/16).

Wendy Peterson
I disagree with prior comments. We are in an era of "no taxes" and have been for over a decade. I have seen my taxes go down while watching my community suffer state and local cuts to education, services for the elderly, emergency response, libraries... every service that I want for my family and my neighbors. I want to pay taxes to support healthy communities! I want to pay my fair share!
Lynette Graves
We seem to be in the the age of tax, tax, tax. I hope we get out of this syndrome before half of our paychecks go to taxes.
William Prentice
We seem to be in a age of cut, cut, cut. I hope that get out of this sydrone before they go to far.

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