Marin County Ranks as Healthiest in California, According to Report

Marin County was ranked as California's healthiest county for the second consecutive year, according to a study released by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports (AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 3/30).

The second annual County Health Rankings report evaluated wellness in nearly 3,000 U.S. counties. The report compares counties within each state based on vital statistics information and government surveys (Tanner, AP/Contra Costa Times, 3/29).

Researchers looked at various indicators, such as:

  • Clinical care;
  • Health behaviors;
  • Mortality rates; and
  • Social and economic factors.

Key Findings

The study found that residents of Marin County generally have lower rates of smoking, adult obesity and teen birth. However, the report noted that the county could improve its rate of binge drinking.

The report also found that coastal counties from Sonoma to San Diego generally fared better than inland areas and the rural northern counties of California.

Trinity County ranked as the state's unhealthiest county. Some of the other unhealthy counties cited in the report include:

  • Del Norte;
  • Kern;
  • Madera; and
  • San Bernardino (AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 3/30).
Carol Frandsen
Yep bet theres not many Walmarts in their hood.
Jan Spencley
Yes, I like this report on the obvious - kind of hilights the issues - being poor or middle income and lacking access to health care affect your health and health status. And then, there is the binge drinking. Still wonder about conclusions with the old concern about so many women in Marin developing breast cancer.
Kristina Ohrberg
So, from this article we may conclude that wealthy, prospering counties who can afford healthcare have healthier citizens; and poor, struggling counties whose citizens may not have healthcare exhibit more health problems. Thank you, Professors Obvious and Obtuse for the valuable study.

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