Charles Drew University Removed From Academic Probation


This week, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science announced that an accrediting agency has removed the university from academic probation, the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. Now" reports (Hennessy-Fiske, "L.A. Now," Los Angeles Times, 7/13).


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges placed the university on academic probation in July 2009 because of problems with its educational assessment and quality control systems. The association allowed the university to retain its accreditation during the probationary period.

After putting Charles Drew on probation, WASC conducted a two-year assessment process during which it examined the university's academic, financial, governance and quality control systems.

Lifting the Probation

According to Charles Drew, WASC lifted the probation because of several improvements at the university. For example, Charles Drew said it has:

  • Created a new advisory and governing board;
  • Developed a strategic growth plan;
  • Opened a new $43 million nursing school; and
  • Received $10 million in funding support from the University of California (Los Angeles Daily News, 7/13).

WASC's action lifts the probation through 2018, but the association said it still will occasionally visit the campus (AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 7/13).

Broadcast Coverage

On Wednesday, KPCC's "KPCC News" reported on Charles Drew University's release from probation (Devall, "KPCC News," KPCC, 7/13).

Paula Fortner
This article has been corrected to indicate that Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science -- not Charles Drew's medical school -- has been released from academic probation. -- The Editors

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