Columnist Slams Insurers for Rate Hikes Based on Location


Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus discusses how "insurers have carved the state into various zones based on the average cost of local doctors and hospitals." Lazarus notes that the Affordable Care Act "empowers the state to redraw insurers' rating regions" in 2014, but until then, "[s]tep over an imaginary line drawn by some insurance bean counter, and your rate can soar 25%." He asks, "In what parallel universe is this considered an acceptable way to provide health care?"

Robert Zimmerman
I cannot beleive the ignorance of this man. Why would he understand geographic variation for car insurance and not for medical insurance? The press must have a maximum IQ limitation or something. Lets just take the simple example of someone living right on the border of a rating area and they move across the street to a new rating area. Are insurers not supposed to change his rate? In other words, what difference does the 10 miles make? Should insurers make exceptions for the people that are just moving "a little bit" but those that move "a long ways" they should get a rate change? Stupid, stupid reporters. Stupid people in fact. Most LA Times readers will eat this simplistic gobbeldy gook up because they are also just as uninformed and Lazurus

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