Largely Overlooked ACA Fee Set To Take Effect in 2014


The Affordable Care Act includes a largely overlooked fee on employers for the coverage of workers with pre-existing conditions that could cost some of the largest U.S. businesses tens of millions of dollars, according to certain employers. A portion of the fee -- which will start at $63 per employee in 2014 and decline over a three-year period -- could be passed on to workers, the employers said.

Paul Rosenberger
Obamacare is not about helping persons with more affordable health insurance - it's purpose has always been about more political control and power to the Federal Government. Think about it - what other way could Obama get everyone to be placed under his total control so easily. This is a HUGE TRANSFORMATION VEHICLE FOR HIM TO IMPOSE SOCIALISM ON THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY, AND BE FINED OR JAILED OF YOU DO NOT GO ALONG. Thank God, over 27 State Governore and Legislatures are refusing to go along with it, even with his Draconian threats to them. If persons or businesses do not go along with the scam, they are to be penalized by the IRS. IT'S A HUGE SCAM THAT IS INTENDED TO MAKE ALL PEOPLE PAY MORE TO THE GOVERNMENT, BASED ON THE HMO PLATFORM!!! It ultimately will fail
Will Forest
No lies, no secrets, nothing hidden, no smoke and mirrors. This has been in the law all along. This WILL be helpful to persons with pre-existing conditions; the new fee will be on employers generally, it can't be passed along specifically to those with the pre-existing conditions, and it provides the money necessary to cover the conditions. Just brings us closer to the kind of comprehensive coverage that every other developed country has and loves.
Tammy Anderson
ACA is smoke and mirrors shudder to think what is still to come and hidden from American tax payers!
Tim Colling
"...the fee could be passed on to workers..." An extra fee for persons with pre-existing conditions... And to think that Obamacare was supposed to be helpful to persons with pre-existing conditions. The lies just keep on coming.

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