Sen. Feinstein Stumps for Health Plan Rate Regulation

In an email to more than two million registered California voters this week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) endorsed a proposed state ballot measure that would give California regulators the authority to approve health plan premium increases. Feinstein urged voters to sign petitions in support of the measure, which needs 505,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Carol Frandsen
I would like to thank Feinstein too but also ask her where has she been. I cant believe she is even taking a stand; you never hear from her. Where has she been over the last year for all the reform attempts that have been tried and failed. I know she is on the Federal level, but it does not matter. Individuals with her power, position and influence need to step it up and get REAL reform for California. Sen. Boxer---where are you?? Its time.
Dan Keller
Thanks, Ms. Feinstein -- this is a good first step for a sorely under-regulated industry. But it is only a first step. The bigger picture is eliminating it entirely. Anthem, Humana, et al add no value but they do cost our economy dearly. We can't afford not to have a single payer.

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