Survey: Small Business Owners Worry About Health Care Costs


Many small business owners in California are concerned about rising health care costs, according to a survey from Small Business California, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

The survey results from the San Francisco-based advocacy group are based on responses from more than 1,000 small business owners (Robertson, Sacramento Business Journal, 3/12).

According to the survey, 83% of small business owners said the availability and rising cost of health care should be a high or top priority for elected officials in the state (Small Business California survey, 3/12).

Most Small Business Owners Unaware of Federal Aid

However, 77% of respondents said they were unaware of a small business tax credit included in the federal health reform law to help them pay for worker health benefits.

Scott Hauge, president and co-founder of Small Business California, said he wonders if business owners' accountants were aware of available federal aid for offering employee health benefits.

According to the Business Journal, the filing deadline for business owners seeking to qualify for the small business tax credit is this Thursday 

In addition, 75% of respondents said they were unaware that the reform law will allow them to select and purchase health plans through a state health insurance exchange beginning in 2014.

Other Findings

The survey also found that:

  • 44% of small business owners provide health benefits to workers, a slight increase from 43% last year; and
  • Many small businesses have increased employee deductibles, copayments and contributions to deal with rising health insurance costs (Sacramento Business Journal, 3/12).
Lupe Feldhaus
It is interesting that certain small business owner’s complain about the current administration and at the same time receive reimbursement from the “government”. Not all but some. Many individual’s work for small businesses and are fortunate to have an employer that care’s and understands the need to help out their employee’s by providing some type of health insurance benefit. While other small businesses are putting the profits in their own pockets while ignoring the needs of those who have helped the business prosper.
Tim Colling
That so-called small business tax credit only applies to tiny businesses. We have 30 employees and there is NO credit for us. Guess what will happen: our costs will skyrocket thanks to Obama, Pelosi and Reid. The consequence will be much higer in-home care service rates for our frail and elderly homebound clients. That's your government at work!

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