Columnist Rejects Reform Law, Civil Rights Comparison


Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker writes that President Obama's suggestion that the federal health reform law is like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 "has been perpetuated by countless talk-show hosts and their guests." She argues, "Civil rights activists who were beaten, bloodied and killed in the struggle to have a voice were nothing like the bureaucrats and politicians who insist that the [overhaul] is a comparable victory," adding, "The Civil Rights Act was a monument to freedom and human dignity. Health care reform is ... something else."

Tim Colling
Assertions made by the UN aren't always correct. In fact, often they're not. And who decided that our government should have the right to take money from us by force,for purposes other than defense, and use those funds for purposes that some other individual gets to decide is more worthy than the choices that would have been made by the one whose money was taken?
Vashti Winterburg
Any writer who states about U.S. health care: "let's work toward making an exceptionally good system better...", has been spending way too much time hermetically sealed off from reality. Apparently those 45-85,000 people who died last year because they didn't have health insurance shouldn't have regarded their lives as worthy of the description, "civil rights". And maybe that part of the UN Charter that the U.S. signed describing health care as a human right shouldn't count either. Maybe if more Americans saw health care as a civil right we wouldn't have such an expensive, ineffective and immoral health care non-system.
Tim Colling
Kathleen Parker is right. It is an insult to the heroes of the civil rights movement to compare the healthcare takeover act to the civil rights movement. - Tim

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