Some Covered Calif. Navigators Still Not Certified To Help Residents


Two weeks after the launch of California's health insurance exchange, some of Covered California's navigators -- individuals tasked with educating residents about the state health insurance exchange -- still have not completed the certification process, NPR's "Shots" reports.

Details of Delays

According to "Shots," some of the navigators have not:

  • Received state-issued licenses;
  • Completed training;
  • Undergone background checks; or
  • Received computer log-in information.


However, Peter Lee -- executive director of Covered California -- said that the exchange never expected to certify all of its navigators this early in the enrollment process.

He said officials planned to spend October building consumer interest for the exchange.

However, he said that the exchange still has "20,000 county workers," the "vast majority" of whom "have been certified."

Despite delays in certifying navigators, Gerry Kominski -- director of the Center for Health Policy Research at UCLA -- said that Covered California officials still are on track to meet their goal of enrolling 600,000 residents in exchange plans by March 2014.

He said, "In the first week, they enrolled almost 30,000 people in five days," adding, "I think even with the glitches, they're already off to a more than adequate start" (Varney, "Shots," NPR, 10/11).

Steve Campitelli
The "bottom line" responsibility for enforcing the ACA rests with members of the tax profession. They will be the ones to determine whether penalties are to apply to individuals and businesses. How is it, then that the TAX PROFESSION was overlooked as the best possible source for recruitment of ACA "navigators?" Tax professionals already know all the tax implications and income data. It is assinine to have overlooked this obvious pool of highly qualified, technically savvy, and eminently trusted professionals.

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