Aetna To Withdraw From Calif. Individual Insurance Market

Aetna has announced it will stop selling individual health insurance plans in California at the end of 2013, withdrawing as the Affordable Care Act begins to reshape the health insurance market in 2014. Aetna has about 49,000 individual policyholders in the state, making up a small portion of the insurer's business. Affected policyholders will be able to enroll in other plans by the end of this year. The company said it will continue selling health insurance in California to Medicare beneficiaries and employers, as well as dental and life insurance plans.

Michael Boyett
Its interesting to see how some media outlets (LA Times) & other healthcare advocates are critical of the health carriers participating in the public exchanges, yet say very little about the major health carriers (Aetna, CIGNA, & UHC) who are not participating or have completley withdrawn from underwriting individual coverage in CA.

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