Molly Coye of UCLA Discusses Innovative Ways To Improve the Value of Health Care Services

In a conversation with California Healthline, Molly Coye -- chief innovation officer of UCLA -- discussed the health system's efforts to improve the value of the health services it delivers.

According to Coye, organizations can improve the value of their services by placing greater emphasis on preventive care and primary care services, which can help patients avoid more costly hospital services and specialty outpatient procedures.

Coye noted that health systems can follow the lead of other organizations that have improved the value of their health services. For example, Coye discusses an initiative led by the Veterans Administration that leverages remote monitoring devices and behavioral support to provide care for veterans with multiple chronic conditions (California Healthline, 9/8).

The complete transcript of this report is available as a PDF.

susan smith
I like that she spoke about moving care out of the hospitals and into primary care, or even better, reaching patients before they even have to go to the doctor. Giving patients more options to communicate with their providers in order to ask questions and be more informed about their health care, could make the process more affordable for more people.

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